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Stand Up For Health: 5 Types Of Standing Desks

Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

If you are like many people, you may spend 40 or more hours each week sitting at a desk. It turns out that time spent on your behind might be putting your health at risk. reports that standing rather than sitting can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease and other health problems. They even say that you can reduce your risk of cancer and increase your life expectancy by spending you time on your feet. Some workers are trying to take advantage of these health benefits by using a standing desk at work. Here are 5 types of standing desks and how you can make them work for you.  Desks Built for Standing You can now buy an office desk that is several more feet off the ground than a traditional desk. These standing desks are built just like their regular counterparts. They have spaces for computer monitors, keyboards and cords and often have extra places to store files, software and anything else you want nearby. The only difference is that these desks are taller. Many people who use a standing desk keep a bar stool nearby just in case they feel the need to sit for a minute or two.  Adjustable Desks If you aren’t sure you are ready to take the leap to full time standing, consider an adjustable desk. These handy desks come on a metal frame that can be raised or lowered according to your needs. This type of desk is also great for someone who is shorter or taller than the average person because it can be adjusted to your specific height.  Most of these desks aren’t intended to be moved up and down throughout the day, so plan to stand for a while if you buy one. If you think you’ll want to go from standing to sitting, you can also buy an electronic model that changes height at the touch of a button.  Desk Attachments Do you want to try standing but aren’t ready to spring for a whole new desk? The answer might be a handy attachment that sits on top of the desk you already use. The attachment can be securely bolted down so that it won’t fall or slip.  The desk attachment typically includes a space for a computer monitor and a keyboard, which you stand to use. The rest of your work supplies stay on your regular desk.  Another advantage to this type of standing desk is that if you leave yourself some space on the lower portion of your desk, you can transfer from sitting to standing rather easily.  Arm Attachments These little space savers can be bolted to a wall, an existing desk form a place like D&R Office Works, Inc., your other office furniture or just about anything solid. These desks are simply a flat shelf that is attached to an arm that comes from a wall. You can store your computer on the floor or in a cabinet or anywhere else. Your monitor and keyboard simply float in front of you.  You might see this type of set up in recently redecorated hospital rooms or other workplaces where several people use the same computer. It is perfect in any room where a bulky desk would be invasive.  Treadmill Desk If you are really...

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