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3 Smart Eviction Tips For Landlords

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The eviction process is often just as difficult for the landlord as it is for the tenant. The rules that you have to follow to force an eviction can be quite strict, and courts tend to take any error on the landlord’s part seriously – after all, you are asking the court to remove someone from their home. That means that if you don’t get it right the first time, you’ll have to spend time and money going through the whole process all over again. Take a look at some tips that can help you get through the eviction process as quickly and painlessly as possible. Know What Kind of Notice to Give It’s best to serve an eviction notice as soon as the tenant gives you a reason to do so. Delaying the matter only allows an unacceptable situation to continue. You need to know what kind of notice you can give for each specific offense, and serve it as soon as you’re able. There are four common reasons for evicting tenants. By far, non-payment is the most common reason for an eviction. You can serve a three day pay or quit notice as soon as the rent is even one day late. If your tenant can come up with the money in three days, they can stay, otherwise, the eviction can proceed. The other time to use a three day notice is when your tenant creates a waste or nuisance by destroying property, interfering with other tenants, or conducting illegal activities on the premises. In this case, you don’t have to give them an opportunity to rectify the situation. The three day notice simply makes them aware that they need to leave. If your tenant breaks the terms of the lease, for example by making unauthorized changes to the property or bringing in a pet when the lease forbids pets, you can give them a ten day notice. The tenant has the option to stay if they come into compliance with the lease within the ten day period. The final reason for eviction is no cause – for example, when you want to use the property for something else, but the tenant has done nothing wrong. In that case, you will need to use a 20-day notice. Don’t Negotiate Every landlord has to deal with an eviction eventually, and once you’ve dealt with a few, you’ll come to realize that everyone has a story. There’s always a reason why the rent is late, or why the neighbors are complaining, or why the tenant is not in compliance with the lease. If you want to get a bad tenant out and a new one in, it’s better not to spend the time negotiating. And remember, if you accept a partial payment from a non-paying tenant, you won’t be able to proceed with the eviction. Just because you own property doesn’t necessarily mean you’re up for the high stress and emotion that accompanies an eviction notice. If you know that you’re a soft touch and that you may cave in and accept a partial payment or some other negotiation tactic, you may want to consider using an eviction notice server instead of serving the notice yourself. That way, you don’t have to deal with a tenant who is trying...

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7 Easy Ways To Grow Your Small Business On A Budget

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Growing a small business can be a daunting task. Your mom is a guaranteed customer, but how do you get more customers? It is pretty easy and inexpensive, if you know the tricks. 1. 10-10-20: Realtors use a technique called ’10-10-20′ for their marketing. In a nutshell, this prospecting strategy means that whenever they get a new listing or sell a house they contact the 10 homeowners to the left of that house, the 10 homeowners to the right, and the 20 homeowners across the street. They may knock on the door or simply add those addresses to their regular mailing list. It is a great technique because those 40 people already saw your business at their neighbor’s house, and are likely to trust their neighbor’s choices.  2. Call Center: Cold calling is a skill that very few people possess. Instead of dreading the idea of cold calling for new customers and avoiding it like the plague, hire a professional call center from a site like Not only do they have the skill set to perform the task, call centers have access to phone number lists and knowledge of the ins and outs of the National Do Not Call Registry. 3. Uniforms: Wearing a uniform is so important for a small business. You do not have to don a full set of coveralls, but a collared shirt is both practical to wear and a source of free advertising. Believe it or not, when people see you at a job site, they might not always approach you for a business card. Having both the name and phone number of your company printed on your uniform shirt is an easy way for them to know who you are.  4. Direct Mail: Direct mail is just a fancy way of saying marketing pieces that you mail directly to the customer. The most popular type of direct mail is postcards. In the past, a small postcard would have been de rigueur, but these days bigger really is better. A 6″ x 9″ postcard, or even an 8 1/2″ x 11″ postcard stands out from the rest of the mail just by being physically larger. Direct mail is expensive and can be difficult to fit into tight budgets. Instead of trying to mail thousands of postcards, think small. A more effective approach is to mail 100 postcards every two weeks to the same addresses in a particular area or subdivision. Most people need to see your postcard several times before they take action.  5. Fliers: If your budget is extremely tight, you can make fliers at your local copy shop and go door-to-door. Be respectful and dress appropriately. You never know who would want to talk to you about an estimate for your services on the spot.   6. Magnets: It is against federal law to put fliers inside a mailbox that you have not paid postage on. You could stick them on the side of the mailbox, in the between the mailbox and the flag, but they just end up getting crumpled and wet. A magnet, on the other hand, can be quickly adhered to the front of a mailbox without violating any laws or being obnoxious. Plus, who doesn’t like another magnet for their fridge?   7. Business Card: This source...

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Five Beer Labels To Consider For Your Brews

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If you own a small brewery or brew your own beer for friends and family, labeling your bottles can be a lot of fun. However, it can also be creatively challenging to decide which kind of label you want. To inspire yourself, look at a few award winning beer labels and consider using any of the following types of labels on your bottles: 1. Gift wrap style labels Gift wrap style labels consist of bunchy paper that wraps round the entirety of the beer bottle. This wrapping can be over a traditional bottle tag, or it can comprise the entire label for the beer. If you make craft beer, this type of packaging sets aside your beers as individual, luxury purchases. Whereas other microbrews may cost around $10 or $15 for a six pack, packaging like this clearly identifies your brew as something special. Whether you bottle it in large bottles for two people to share or in regular 12-ounce bottles, this type of label says the beer is worth more. 2. Gift tags Gift tag labels consist of a small tag and an elastic or twine loop that slips over the neck of the bottle. These tags are the perfect accompaniment to gift wrap labels. Imagine plain, white gift wrap and a simple yet sophisticated gift tag. Homebrewers love these tags as they can be reused for multiple bottles of beer. 3. Full sleeve label Like a gift wrap style label, full sleeve labels fit over the entire bottle. However, rather than fitting like loose wrapping, they adhere firmly to the sides of the bottle. These labels can go right from the very bottom of the bottle to the very top, just underneath the lid. Traditionally, full sleeve labels are the purview of alcopops, and this is because, makers of these drinks are not worried about showing off the color of their concoctions. Brewers, in contrast, want to show off the rich amber or golden colors of their beers. If you want a full sleeve label cut it off just below the neck of the bottle so that you can see a splash of your brew on the top.   4. Text and Shapes To show off their beers, most brewers – from large scale producers of domestic lagers to home brewers – use conventional rectangular labels that cover the middle third of the bottle. This traditional shape is the ideal size to showcase a range of brands, logos or text. However, if this style of label bores you, you can ditch the rectangles and get a label that just has text or shapes on it. Your specially cut labels can consist of the name of your beer, or they can be a special shape. If you are a home brewer who only makes a few batches of beer per year, you probably have time to stick odd-shaped labels onto your beer. However, if you run a big brewery, you want to think carefully about how much time you want to devote to sticking on labels. If you have semi-delicate labels with lots of edges and corners, you may not be able to automate the labeling process and as a result, may have to devote lots of payroll hours to the task. 5. Blank Labels Blank labels make...

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Get The Most From Your House Cleaning Service With These Tips And Tricks

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When it comes to keeping your home clean, life certainly has a way of getting in the way sometimes. But with the help of a house cleaning service, you can enjoy your space in comfort without having to sacrifice your free time or busy lifestyle to keep things clean yourself. There aren’t typically any preparation requirements to enjoy the help of a house cleaning service, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the most from your experience. Here are five to consider: Get Organized You can’t expect your house cleaning service provider to effectively track and maintain your personal belongings, so it’s a good idea to make sure things like your mail, jewelry, and the kids’ toys are already organized when your service provider shows up to do the cleaning. Any clutter left untouched during the cleaning process results in the opportunity for dust and allergens to build up. Schedule a few minutes a week to make sure books are put away properly, that piles of knick-knacks aren’t forming on the tables, and that the kids clear the floors in their rooms. These small steps will yield you fantastic cleaning results and help to minimize the amount of allergens lurking in your home. Make a Checklist If you want specific things tended to during a cleaning session out of the scope of the services you’re paying for, it is important to make a checklist and give it to your service provider ahead of time. This will verify your needs can be met and give you an opportunity to learn about any restrictions in place. Special services, like stitching a piece of clothing, may cost you more or require a longer cleaning session. Other requests, such as removing a stain from the shades in a specific room due to an accident or cleaning the window frames after a storm, can probably be scheduled into your service provider’s game plan at no extra charge, especially if they’re asked about ahead of time. Meet Prospects in Person Consider meeting the people who will be cleaning your home in person before hiring any particular company long term. Whether you plan to be home during the cleaning sessions or not, it’s important to be able to trust the cleaners in your home. Of course, they’ve already been screened by the company you’re thinking about going with so there is not a need to worry about their work and personal history. But you can make a list of a few simple questions that will help you get to know your new house cleaner better. For example, you can learn why they enjoy working in the house cleaning business and find out what you can do to make their job easier, which in turn can mean better cleaning results for you. Provide Some Specific Feedback Many house cleaning companies have feedback forms you can fill out to help them tweak their business practices as time goes on. Even if your service provider doesn’t have a feedback form available you should share your experiences, insights, and suggestions with the company anyway to help them understand what kind of experience you’re getting and the kind of experience that you would like to have. Be specific about the information you pass along so...

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6 Tips For Writing A Memorable Eulogy

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Writing a eulogy is hardly a pleasant task. As you recall years of special memories, it can be difficult to put words to paper during such a sad time. But creating a memorable eulogy is one of the greatest services you can do for the deceased. If done properly, it will leave relatives and friends with a sense of comfort in celebrating a life well lived. Here are six tips for writing a memorable, meaningful eulogy for your loved one. Write About Their Passions Was your loved one a music lover, a sports enthusiast or a dedicated volunteer? Hobbies and passions are dear to a person’s heart, so it’s only fitting to mention those during the eulogy. In addition to bringing back pleasant memories for attendees, it creates a sense of life and excitement during a sad time. Use an Informal Tone Don’t try to be too stuffy or formal when writing the eulogy. In other words, don’t follow in the footsteps of obituaries, which all too often are a dull recount of the deceased’s living and deceased relatives, accomplishments and basic biographical information. Write your speech as you would speak if you were talking to a friend about the person you’ve lost. Be conversational, and write your speech from the heart. While you can include some biographical information, what people really want to know about are the great memories you’ve had with the deceased. Incorporate Favorite Quotes, Scriptures and Expressions When you can’t find the right words, others can. In fact, using a few of the deceased’s common phrases or favorite scriptures, poems or song lyrics is an excellent way to capture the personality and heart of your loved one. These things are often reflective of a person’s lifestyle, so be careful that you choose only positive things. Humor can be used, but it should be tastefully done and used only if appropriate for that person’s character. For example, if an aunt was a stern woman who didn’t like jokes, your family may not appreciate a joke cracked at her expense. Ask Yourself What You’ll Miss One surefire way to nail down what you should say about your loved one is to ask yourself what you’re going to miss the most. It doesn’t have to be something big. If you’ll miss the sideways smile, the twinkle in his eye, the hearty laugh or the sweet singing voice, focus on that. Those are likely the things that others remember your loved one for, and they’ll miss them, too. Identify the Person’s Admirable Qualities Sometimes, the happy memories don’t flow so easily. If you weren’t close to the deceased but were asked to give the eulogy anyway, you may have a hard time thinking of positive things to say. In that case, turn what you may perceive as negative traits into positive attributes. In the example above of the stern aunt, instead of stern, you may describe her as disciplined, quiet or even as someone who stands firm on her beliefs. If the deceased was sarcastic, you may describe his dry humor as cleverness or wit. Get Ideas from Others There’s no harm in asking for help. In fact, others may be touched that you’ve asked about their favorite memories with your relative or friend. Each perspective provides you with...

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Why Small Business Owners Should Consider Outsourcing

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Many fledgling entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that they should handle all aspects of developing their business themselves. Although it’s true that business owners should be intimately acquainted with all facets of the business that they’re running, they all too frequently fail to see that they run the risk of significantly stunting the growth of their business by trying to do everything on their own. Outsourcing provides business owners with an excellent way to free up their time as well as their creative energies so that they can stay strong at the helm of their enterprise. Following are five aspects of running a business that may be better off outsourced. Janitorial Services Many small business owners take it upon themselves to perform necessary janitorial services when they first start out, while others expect their employees to take on this responsibility. Both of these are bad ideas. Janitorial duties are best performed during evening hours after everyone has left the premises for the day, allowing cleaners to properly do their job and giving floors a chance to dry. Also, if you remain behind to do the cleaning after the business day is over, you risk sapping valuable energy that is better spent in other operations of your business. Social Media Management Modern businesses require an active, engaging, and professional Internet presence in order to thrive, and social media plays a significant part in making this happen. Business owners, however, don’t normally have the time or the expertise to to maintain social media sites, and this is where the services of an expert come in. A experienced social media manager can highlight and polish your Internet presence in ways that will attract and keep customers. Virtual Office Space Most traditional office functions can now be performed more efficiently using virtual office space rather than the standard brick-and-mortar format of reception desk in the front and other office support staff sprinkled throughout a large room. Using the services of a virtual assistant means that you pay only for the actual hours that work has been performed. You can also use virtual assistants for a variety of services, including accounting, customer service, and order processing. Virtual assistants are a great asset to those doing business in the global marketplace because their availability extends beyond your local business hours Temporary Labor Many modern businesses find that their labor needs fluctuate significantly, which makes it difficult for them to maintain a steady labor force. For instance, if your busy season is during the months preceding the holidays, your labor needs during that time will be substantially different than they are during the summer. Outsourcing your labor needs to a independent contractor that specializes in labor management will save you both money and time. Another benefit of using temporary agencies to meet the labor needs of your company is that they take care of payroll and taxes on their end. IT Support Unless you’re an IT expert in your own right with time to spare, outsourcing your IT needs to a qualified professional is a smart business move. One of the major benefits of doing so is that you’ll have access to to latest technological expertise, which is important because new advances are made on a regular basis. The basic rule of thumb concerning outsourcing...

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3 Ways Contractors Can Make Money This Winter With Little Investment

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If you are a construction contractor, then the winter may be a time when you spend more days at home with no work than you do working. This is an especially tough time of year for contractors in snowy climates. Instead of dipping into your savings account this winter and regretting it later, there are several ways to earn extra cash this winter with little upfront investment needed. When spring arrives, you can then look forward to a savings account that has grown instead of being depleted.  1. Remove Snow Without Purchasing a Snow Plow If you own a Bobcat utility vehicle that you use to excavate and perform other tasks during the building season, then you can rent a snow-blade attachment to use to run a snow-plowing business over the winter. There is also a snow-blower attachment you can rent to help you tackle a wider variety of snow-removal jobs.  Even if you are brand new to snow removal, you can feel more confident learning in a vehicle you are used to driving already. You will also have a head start on handling the attachment, as you will be using the same controls to move it around as you use when you have other attachments in place.  Practice using the attachment to remove snow for your friends and family, then you can feel confident when you start advertising your services for payment. When renting the snow removal attachments instead of purchasing them, you can rent them only when there is a prediction of heavy snowfall in your area.  2. Repair Asphalt That Cracks During the Winter Asphalt parking lots are more prone to cracking during the winter. New cracks develop as temperatures fluctuate from freezing to warmer to freezing again. Old cracks that may not have been noticeable also become larger as water accumulates in them and then expands as it freezes.  While homeowners may put off asphalt repairs, many parking lot owners know better. A large crack in a parking lot can lead to a slip-and-fall accident that ends up in the business or apartment complex owner getting sued.  You can learn how to repair asphalt traditionally, but that may require you to purchase expensive supplies you don’t currently have. What you can do to begin this business affordably is rent a Bobcat asphalt heater and processor. These attachments are used to reheat existing asphalt and repair it without any need for new asphalt to be added to the mix.  Since repairing asphalt in this new way is so quick and easy, you can finish jobs quickly and perform more jobs in one day than you could using older repair methods. Line up a full day of repairs, and rent the needed attachments on only the days you have packed job schedules for a high return on your small bobcat rental investment.  3. Install Energy Efficient Windows As a contractor, you likely know how to install new windows in homes you are building. Use this skill to your advantage during the winter by advertising your services for swapping drafty, older windows for more energy efficient ones.  While people can have new windows installed year-round, many put it off until the temperatures drop and their heating bills start getting extremely high during the winter. They then decide they want new,...

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Five Ways To Make Long Distance Truck Rentals As Easy As Possible

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Driving across the country for a move requires a lot of preparation. Instead of using outside help, many people choose to move on their own to keep control of everything. When using rental trucks, it’s important to properly prepare and be ready for all types of situations. Use the following five tips to ensure that you are making your truck rental as pain-free as possible. Truck Rental Insurance Even if you have car insurance, policies will often not cover drivers who use rental trucks. The longer you plan on driving a rental truck, the more you are at risk and insurance is likely the best choice. When choosing an insurance package, consider the different types of coverage available. For example, some truck rental insurance will cover road hazards and accidents, but many will not include operation damages to tires or the large storage box on the truck. Balance your risks versus the costs for insurance to determine your best options. One Way Rental Fees The best truck services for a long distance trip are one way rentals. This means that you only have to drive the truck to your destination and a local branch of the company is available to drop the truck off at. This type of service can dramatically cut down on the cost of the truck and help save a lot of time. When determining the best one way rental fees, there are multiple considerations. Gas Prices: Gas is often charged at the end of the trip. Look for packages that include some gas credits so you do not have to pay for the full load. Mileage Fees: Along with gas, some rentals will tack on prices for mileage. When knowing your destination you can accurately calculate all your mileage costs so that there are no surprise fees. Rental Times There are many factors that can help make the truck rental go as smooth as possible. Choosing the times when to drive and rent the truck can make a huge difference on the overall drive and cost. Weekday Rentals: Renting a truck during a week can help you avoid mid-day traffic and premium weekend charges. Trucks are more in-demand on the weekends and rates will be cheaper on Mondays through Fridays. Traffic: By using free services and apps, you can determine the best times to drive. This will help reduce your long distance travel times and avoid slow traffic areas like construction. Overnight Driving: If possible, you can avoid as much traffic as possible by making the trip overnight. This can often help you avoid delays like weigh stations and get through toll booths a lot quicker. Discounts Take advantage of special discounts to help save additional money with your truck rental. Even if you don’t apply for these discounts, a friend or family member can help you obtain them if they are part of the long distance move. College Student Discounts: Truck companies know that college students are often making big moves and they offer discounts to assist along the way. Military Discounts: Year-round military discounts are available for both active-duty and veterans from branches like the Marines, Air Force, and Army. Loyal Customer Discounts: If you’ve used a moving company before, check in with them again to see if there are any discounts for repeat...

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5 Ways To Increase Business For Your Taxi Service

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Having an edge over the next taxi company can help you attract more customers and keep your current customers. Amenities that make business transactions easier for you and your customers, and making your customers feel their time and money is valuable are among several ways you can improve business. Install Credit Card Readers In many cases, your customers may not have planned to call a taxi and they do not have the time to get cash back from a store or go to the ATM. Having credit card readers in each of your vehicles can prevent losing customers who may not have alternate ways to pay, or customers who choose another company because they offer multiple payment options. Additionally, a credit card reader can open the opportunity to use various online payment systems as another payment option. Use GPS You want to minimize instances where your drivers become lost, which can be more than a minor inconvenience. Depending on the situation, the extra time can cause your customers to miss an appointment or flight. GPS has benefits beyond providing directions. Customers will appreciate the extra effort by your drivers to find shorter routes and prevent an unnecessary increase in fare, or to avoid long waits due to traffic congestion. Offer Appointments You may have several customers who routinely need a taxi for medical appointments or frequent travel. Offering pre-arranged taxi service is another way to secure additional business. When offering the option to pre-arrange taxi service you need to ensure that your drivers are diligent about honoring appointments. If customers can make arrangements online, immediately call the customer to confirm their appointment. Furthermore, no matter the method your customer used to make arrangements, call them the day before their scheduled pickup and confirm their appointment again. When possible, on the scheduled day, tell your customer when the taxi driver is on the way to pick them up. This consistent reassurance can ease anxiety for customers who need to make it to their destination on time, or had a negative experience with other companies in the past. Have Multiple Vehicle Types Your company needs to be ready for unique situations by having several types of vehicles available. When a customer calls for a taxi, you should ask them if they have any special requirements so you can choose the vehicle that is most appropriate for their needs. Some situations that may require a larger vehicle than your typical four-door sedan can include a customer with several bags of groceries or a large furniture item. Your customer may not remember to ask for special accommodations or may believe their items will fit inside the trunk. Visit Airports And Bus Stations Every day you should have drivers that can spend several hours at local airports, bus and train stations. This is the easiest way to find new customers. Many people who travel do not make special arrangements to have a taxi waiting for them at the airport or station, and will take the first taxi they see. If the customer is unfamiliar with the area, be sure to have your driver give them a business card. Even if they are only visiting the area once, they will likely need a taxi on their way back to the airport or station, and this...

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4 Ways To Attract More New Patients To Your Dental Practice

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If your dental office is not as busy as it should be, it’s probably because you don’t have enough patients. The only way to grow your practice is to continuously keep adding new patients, but you might not know how to do this. Through your website and the right marketing techniques, you may be able to achieve this goal, and here are four ideas that might help you with this. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices According to Entrepreneur, using mobile devices to access the Internet is the new norm. If your website is not set up properly for this, consumers will have problems accessing the information. The marketing company that handles your website maintenance can optimize it for mobile devices, and this will make it easier for people to learn more about your business while using their mobile devices. Be sure to speak with a dental website design professional to keep your website in good shape. Run a Promotion Running promotions is a great way to stir up new patients, and you can do this by using mailings, social media sites, or your website. Promotions are generally offered to new patients only, and it is the perfect way to get new people through your doors. Currently, around one in three dentists use promotions of some kind for this purpose and many find success in it. When you run a promotion, people that need dental work might be more apt to choose your office because of the money savings they will experience. You can use any type of promotion you would like, and here are some ideas: Free x-rays and exam $100 off any dental procedure Free teeth whitening services If you can reach people that need dental work, you might be able to persuade them to your office by offering a deal like this. Keep in mind that when you get a new patient in for services, you must provide services that will keep them coming back. If you do this, you may end up with long-term relationships with these patients, which are the type of patients you need the most. Create a Referral Program One important aspect of the profitability of your business is keeping your current patients coming for routine services. You can do this by: Providing quality services Offering a friendly, comfortable atmosphere Sticking with your schedule and appointment times Keeping up with new dental trends and technology Another way to do this is by offering a referral program to your patients. While promotions are designed to attract new patients, referral programs are designed to: Also attract new patients Reward your existing patients Encourage your existing patients to return A referral program simply means that you will give your existing patient something if he or she recommends a person that comes in for an appointment. You may want to offer the existing patient free teeth whitening services or a certain dollar amount off his or her next dental visit. You can offer anything you choose, and this might be enough to convince your current patients to recommend your office to friends and relatives. Optimize through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is a proven strategy for attracting people to websites. While the work behind SEO is somewhat complex, its main goal is to make a website...

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