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Six Items That Will Make Your Life Easier On Long, Multi-Destination Trips

When you set off on a long, multi-destination trip, it’s normal to feel both excited and apprehensive. Travel is certainly fun, but the prospect of getting stuck in some challenging circumstances can take away from this enjoyment. Luckily, by packing a few key items in your travel bag, you can make your life a lot easier and your trip more enjoyable.

Phone Charging Case

These days, people rely on their phones for everything from directions to email, so it’s a real inconvenience when you’re out and about and your phone loses charge. You can save yourself a lot of frustration (and the embarrassment of having to ask for directions) by bringing along a phone charging case. These look like normal phone cases, but they have a battery embedded in them and will charge your phone’s battery, adding to its life. Some snap onto your entire phone, connecting to its charging port directly. Others snap onto the back of the phone and have a little cord that connects to your charging port.

Phone charging cases are available for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 as well as other popular phone brands. Look for one that offers at least an extra 8 hours of battery life, as this will ensure you can stay out all day without worrying about charging your phone. Check out a company like Prong to browse through a selection of phone charging cases.

Portable USB Power Pack

If you plan on doing any work on your computer or tablet while you’re on the road, it can be frustrating to try to find an outlet when your battery is running low. A portable USB power pack eliminates this issue. These power packs are typically about the size of a standard smartphone. They consist of a battery and one or more USB ports, so you can plug in your devices and work comfortably from a park bench, restaurant, or other location without wall outlets.

Packing Compression Packs

When you’re on a long trip, you’re bound to purchase things that you want to carry along to your next destination. Adding them to your luggage and still having everything fit can be a challenge, but thankfully, compression packs can help. These are simple vinyl or plastic packs into which you can pack your clothes. You push on them to squeeze the air out of the clothing, which ensures it takes up less room. With a few compression packs tossed into your luggage, you can feel more free to buy souvenirs along the way and hopefully avoid having to pay for an extra bag at the airport on your way home.

Anti-Wrinkle Spray

Chances are, you’re not going to have access to an ironing board and iron at all of your destinations — and even if you did, who wants to waste their travel time ironing their clothes? This is where anti-wrinkle spray comes in handy. This is a product that you can spray on your clothes to immediately get rid of wrinkles. You can even find it in bottles of less than 3.4 ounces, which are acceptable to put in your carry-on luggage.

WiFi Signal Booster

What do you do when you really need to send some emails or finish some work on your laptop, but the WiFi signal in your hotel room is barely coming through? Well, you could plug in a WiFi booster. These devices can plug into the wall anywhere you are and boost the WiFi signal in the area, allowing you to more easily stream videos or connect to a company system with a signal that, on its own, is too weak. This can save you a lot of time and headaches while you’re on the road.

Handheld Luggage Scale

When you’re adding things to your luggage throughout your trip, you’ll need to ensure it stays within your airline’s acceptable weight restrictions. If you wait until you get to the airport and find that your bag is overweight, you’ll be rushed to figure out what you can possibly leave behind. Bring your own portable luggage scale, and you can make sure your bag is the proper weight before you even leave for the airport. If you find that the bag is overweight, you have time to think and make informed decisions as to what you should leave behind or whether you should bother to purchase and pack a second bag. There are plenty of small handheld luggage scales available that are about the size of a smartphone or remote control.

With these things in your bag, your travels are bound to be more enjoyable and less stressful. Enjoy your trip!