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Two Ways to Prevent Pond Liner Leaks

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Two Ways to Prevent Pond Liner Leaks

If you want a pond on your property, then you will need to do a wide variety of things besides digging a large hole to place water into. While digging is an important first step, you will also need to place a pond liner across the bottom of the opening. This liner helps to retain the water inside the hole so it does not leach down into the earth and drain into the water table. Polyethylene, rubber, and PVC are all materials that may be utilized to make your pond liner. Unfortunately, all three of these materials can wear down over time and form a leak. You can prevent leaks quite easily, though, by doing a few things during the installation process. Keep reading to find out about a few examples. Consider an Underlay In some areas of the...

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