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5 Risks Involved With Truck Sharing

Splitting the cost of a truck rental with someone else that is moving in the same direction as you or someone that is moving from your destination to your starting location can help offset the cost of renting your truck. You can rent a slightly larger truck to fit all of your belongings but split the cost in half, you may pay less in gas and mileage, or you can make full use of a daily rental to get the most from your money. While truck sharing is becoming slightly more popular, with internet sites arranging shares between strangers, similar to carpooling, there are several risks that you should be aware of when you share a truck. 

The Truck Could Be Returned Late or Damaged 

Rental agreements are usually in one person’s name. This means that whoever officially rents the moving truck will be held financially responsible if the truck is returned late or is damaged. To help mitigate this problem, you can make sure that whoever will be in charge of returning the truck is the person who will rent the truck, as this will motivate them to return the truck on time. Alternatively, whoever rents the truck can stay with the truck the entire time to make sure it is not damaged and is returned on time. 

You May Not Know What You Are Transporting 

If you pick up someone’s belongings once they are already packed, you may not know what you are actually transporting. You may end up transporting illegal goods across state lines, and if you are caught with the goods, you may have no way of proving that they are not yours and you did not know about them. 

To prevent this, make sure that the person who loads and owns the belongings travels with the truck at all times. Also, make sure you are truck sharing with someone that you trust, either through extensive conversations and references or a friend as opposed to a stranger. 

Your Rental Company May Not Allow Truck Sharing

Most rental companies do not have rules against truck sharing. However, they may limit the number of drivers that can drive the truck and they may require that the same person who picks up the truck also drops it off. This can be a problem if you are planning to drive the truck in one direction and have another person drive it back to its initial pick-up spot. If you plan to share your truck, make sure that your plan is okay with your rental company to avoid paying fines or having your rental canceled. 

You May Not Have Enough Space On One Truck For Everything That Needs To Be Transported 

It can be difficult to estimate how much space your belongings will take up once they are packed and loaded in a moving truck. If both you and the person you are sharing your truck with under-estimate the amount of space required to load your belongings, you may be stuck in a difficult situation with no way to transport some items. To avoid this, one of you may rent a truck and another rent a trailer to attach to the truck to ensure that you have a set amount of space. 

A similar issue is if you are splitting a daily rental and the first person using the truck underestimates the amount of time it will take them to move their belongings. This can put you in a time crunch if you are using the truck second. 

You May Not Get Paid For Allowing Someone Else To Use The Truck You Are Renting

If you are renting with a stranger, you may not have any recourse if they decide to not pay their part of the rental or gas. To avoid this, make sure that you both pay the rental upfront. You may opt to use an online escrow service, to protect everyone involved. 

While truck sharing can seem like a good way to save money, it can also carry several risks. If you are truck sharing, make sure you recognize these risks and share with someone you know and trust. You can also be the sole renter to ensure there aren’t any issues. If you’re getting ready to move, contact a local company like Elite Truck Rental