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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Security Cameras

Have you experienced a robbery or a break in at your home or small business recently or do you just not feel as safe in your neighborhood as you once did? It might be time to invest in a home security system. Home security cameras provide excellent insurance for your home or small business. Not only do they provide a sense of insurance, which is to say it makes much easier to catch the culprit who broke into your residence, but it also can act as a deterrent for potential break ins.

This brief article serves to help you get the most out of your security cameras by offering 5 tips: proper placement, make them visible, enable motion detection, properly secure your DVR recordings and ensure that you have enough storage space.

Proper Placement

When it comes to placing your security cameras, make sure you have them placed in a proper setting. You don’t want your security cameras pointing at places that are not points of interest or just random areas thieves and burglars won’t want to access. Rather, place your security camera at points of access. For example, point them at your entrances or places where burglars can more easily enter your home or place of business. If it is a place of business, face them towards displays or in demand items or near registers or safes.

Make Them Visible

Remember, a security camera not only works as a way for you catch potential criminals, it actually serves as a criminal deterrent. Place the cameras easily within the field of a burglar’s vision. If criminals see a camera is set in an area that can easily pinpoint them and they will be visible for the authorities to see, they are much less likely to attempt a burglary. Make sure the camera’s security lights are easily visible during the nighttime hours for this same reason.

Enable Motion Detection

You can, generally speaking, set the hours you wish the camera to record in its digital settings. You can also make sure the camera picks up on in any motion that comes into its line of vision and will begin recording. This latter option is highly recommended. If you find that you have any missing items or break ins, you cans review the DVR components for any footage that picks specifically up on motions, so long as you are using a relatively new security camera system.

Properly Secure Your DVR Recordings

It is absolutely necessary you secure your DVR recordings, as well. Many criminals are quite crafty these days, and will know how to disable on sight DVR recordings of security camera footage if they are not properly secure. Make sure all of your DVR recordings that are direct feeds of your security cameras are password protected. There are also numerous efforts which you can go through to ensure these recordings will be tamper proof as well. For example, you can store your recording device in a locked box, as well as restrict access to the recordings by enabling password protection. 

Ensure You Have Enough Storage

Using up storage space has become an increasingly common problem among security camera owners who use digital technology. It is quite easy to check the amount of storage space you have left on your DVR; it is usually easily accessible through the main menu. It is important to check how much free space you have at least once a week. If you are running out of storage space, you should review your records and delete any non-essential footage.

Security cameras can prove to be an integral facet of your security system. Simply remember to follow these tips and your security will be as tight as a pair of running shoes!