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7 Easy Ways To Grow Your Small Business On A Budget

Growing a small business can be a daunting task. Your mom is a guaranteed customer, but how do you get more customers? It is pretty easy and inexpensive, if you know the tricks.

1. 10-10-20: Realtors use a technique called ’10-10-20′ for their marketing. In a nutshell, this prospecting strategy means that whenever they get a new listing or sell a house they contact the 10 homeowners to the left of that house, the 10 homeowners to the right, and the 20 homeowners across the street. They may knock on the door or simply add those addresses to their regular mailing list. It is a great technique because those 40 people already saw your business at their neighbor’s house, and are likely to trust their neighbor’s choices. 

2. Call Center: Cold calling is a skill that very few people possess. Instead of dreading the idea of cold calling for new customers and avoiding it like the plague, hire a professional call center from a site like Not only do they have the skill set to perform the task, call centers have access to phone number lists and knowledge of the ins and outs of the National Do Not Call Registry.

3. Uniforms: Wearing a uniform is so important for a small business. You do not have to don a full set of coveralls, but a collared shirt is both practical to wear and a source of free advertising. Believe it or not, when people see you at a job site, they might not always approach you for a business card. Having both the name and phone number of your company printed on your uniform shirt is an easy way for them to know who you are. 

4. Direct Mail: Direct mail is just a fancy way of saying marketing pieces that you mail directly to the customer. The most popular type of direct mail is postcards. In the past, a small postcard would have been de rigueur, but these days bigger really is better. A 6″ x 9″ postcard, or even an 8 1/2″ x 11″ postcard stands out from the rest of the mail just by being physically larger. Direct mail is expensive and can be difficult to fit into tight budgets. Instead of trying to mail thousands of postcards, think small. A more effective approach is to mail 100 postcards every two weeks to the same addresses in a particular area or subdivision. Most people need to see your postcard several times before they take action. 

5. Fliers: If your budget is extremely tight, you can make fliers at your local copy shop and go door-to-door. Be respectful and dress appropriately. You never know who would want to talk to you about an estimate for your services on the spot.  

6. Magnets: It is against federal law to put fliers inside a mailbox that you have not paid postage on. You could stick them on the side of the mailbox, in the between the mailbox and the flag, but they just end up getting crumpled and wet. A magnet, on the other hand, can be quickly adhered to the front of a mailbox without violating any laws or being obnoxious. Plus, who doesn’t like another magnet for their fridge?  

7. Business Card: This source of marketing is pretty basic. Everyone should have a business card. Pass them out like they are going out of style. You should get in the habit of carrying your business card and hand it out whenever anyone expresses an interest in what you do. They are also handy for writing down work estimates. For less than $20, anyone can print their own on a home printer. Save the fancy business cards or digital versions for when you are a bigger company. 

Growing a small business does not have to be difficult or expensive. You just need to consistent in your efforts. You can try any of the techniques above, but they will only work if you are consistent. Get in the routine of marketing one hour a day, every Thursday morning, or whatever works with your schedule. Be consistent. 

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