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Get The Most From Your House Cleaning Service With These Tips And Tricks

When it comes to keeping your home clean, life certainly has a way of getting in the way sometimes. But with the help of a house cleaning service, you can enjoy your space in comfort without having to sacrifice your free time or busy lifestyle to keep things clean yourself. There aren’t typically any preparation requirements to enjoy the help of a house cleaning service, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to get the most from your experience. Here are five to consider:

Get Organized

You can’t expect your house cleaning service provider to effectively track and maintain your personal belongings, so it’s a good idea to make sure things like your mail, jewelry, and the kids’ toys are already organized when your service provider shows up to do the cleaning.

Any clutter left untouched during the cleaning process results in the opportunity for dust and allergens to build up. Schedule a few minutes a week to make sure books are put away properly, that piles of knick-knacks aren’t forming on the tables, and that the kids clear the floors in their rooms. These small steps will yield you fantastic cleaning results and help to minimize the amount of allergens lurking in your home.

Make a Checklist

If you want specific things tended to during a cleaning session out of the scope of the services you’re paying for, it is important to make a checklist and give it to your service provider ahead of time. This will verify your needs can be met and give you an opportunity to learn about any restrictions in place.

Special services, like stitching a piece of clothing, may cost you more or require a longer cleaning session. Other requests, such as removing a stain from the shades in a specific room due to an accident or cleaning the window frames after a storm, can probably be scheduled into your service provider’s game plan at no extra charge, especially if they’re asked about ahead of time.

Meet Prospects in Person

Consider meeting the people who will be cleaning your home in person before hiring any particular company long term. Whether you plan to be home during the cleaning sessions or not, it’s important to be able to trust the cleaners in your home. Of course, they’ve already been screened by the company you’re thinking about going with so there is not a need to worry about their work and personal history.

But you can make a list of a few simple questions that will help you get to know your new house cleaner better. For example, you can learn why they enjoy working in the house cleaning business and find out what you can do to make their job easier, which in turn can mean better cleaning results for you.

Provide Some Specific Feedback

Many house cleaning companies have feedback forms you can fill out to help them tweak their business practices as time goes on. Even if your service provider doesn’t have a feedback form available you should share your experiences, insights, and suggestions with the company anyway to help them understand what kind of experience you’re getting and the kind of experience that you would like to have.

Be specific about the information you pass along so there is no confusion or room for interpretation. You’ll find voicing your personal insight and experiences can quickly improve the service you are getting, even when you weren’t looking for any improvement.

Request Natural Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning products are typically some of the most toxic chemicals in the home. In fact, the chemicals found in some cleaning products are associated with skin irritation, eye problems, and even serious issues like cancer. Many cleaning products leach into your home and pollute the air you breathe, so it is a good idea to ask your service provider to use natural cleaning products within your home. You’ll get the same great cleaning results but without all the dangers. You’ll probably enjoy the way your home smells more too.

These methods will help to streamline the house cleaning process and ensure a strong relationship with your service provider. Check out sites like for more info.

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