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3 Ways Contractors Can Make Money This Winter With Little Investment

If you are a construction contractor, then the winter may be a time when you spend more days at home with no work than you do working. This is an especially tough time of year for contractors in snowy climates. Instead of dipping into your savings account this winter and regretting it later, there are several ways to earn extra cash this winter with little upfront investment needed. When spring arrives, you can then look forward to a savings account that has grown instead of being depleted. 

1. Remove Snow Without Purchasing a Snow Plow

If you own a Bobcat utility vehicle that you use to excavate and perform other tasks during the building season, then you can rent a snow-blade attachment to use to run a snow-plowing business over the winter. There is also a snow-blower attachment you can rent to help you tackle a wider variety of snow-removal jobs. 

Even if you are brand new to snow removal, you can feel more confident learning in a vehicle you are used to driving already. You will also have a head start on handling the attachment, as you will be using the same controls to move it around as you use when you have other attachments in place. 

Practice using the attachment to remove snow for your friends and family, then you can feel confident when you start advertising your services for payment. When renting the snow removal attachments instead of purchasing them, you can rent them only when there is a prediction of heavy snowfall in your area. 

2. Repair Asphalt That Cracks During the Winter

Asphalt parking lots are more prone to cracking during the winter. New cracks develop as temperatures fluctuate from freezing to warmer to freezing again. Old cracks that may not have been noticeable also become larger as water accumulates in them and then expands as it freezes. 

While homeowners may put off asphalt repairs, many parking lot owners know better. A large crack in a parking lot can lead to a slip-and-fall accident that ends up in the business or apartment complex owner getting sued. 

You can learn how to repair asphalt traditionally, but that may require you to purchase expensive supplies you don’t currently have. What you can do to begin this business affordably is rent a Bobcat asphalt heater and processor. These attachments are used to reheat existing asphalt and repair it without any need for new asphalt to be added to the mix. 

Since repairing asphalt in this new way is so quick and easy, you can finish jobs quickly and perform more jobs in one day than you could using older repair methods. Line up a full day of repairs, and rent the needed attachments on only the days you have packed job schedules for a high return on your small bobcat rental investment. 

3. Install Energy Efficient Windows

As a contractor, you likely know how to install new windows in homes you are building. Use this skill to your advantage during the winter by advertising your services for swapping drafty, older windows for more energy efficient ones. 

While people can have new windows installed year-round, many put it off until the temperatures drop and their heating bills start getting extremely high during the winter. They then decide they want new, better windows immediately. 

You can ask the customer to pay for the new windows when they sign their contract with you, so you won’t have to invest in them before you have cash-in-hand. You may not get window replacement jobs every day, all winter, but you can make good money when you do land jobs. Price your services competitively and make sure to mention your background as a contractor in your ads to snag customers easily. 

If you are a building contractor and dread the snowy winter and loss of income that can come with it, then follow these tips to make cash all winter without making a large investment in a new business. You may begin looking forward to winters when you see how much money you can make doing jobs that you may even find fun for a change. 

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