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Five Ways To Make Long Distance Truck Rentals As Easy As Possible

Driving across the country for a move requires a lot of preparation. Instead of using outside help, many people choose to move on their own to keep control of everything. When using rental trucks, it’s important to properly prepare and be ready for all types of situations.

Use the following five tips to ensure that you are making your truck rental as pain-free as possible.

Truck Rental Insurance

Even if you have car insurance, policies will often not cover drivers who use rental trucks. The longer you plan on driving a rental truck, the more you are at risk and insurance is likely the best choice.

When choosing an insurance package, consider the different types of coverage available. For example, some truck rental insurance will cover road hazards and accidents, but many will not include operation damages to tires or the large storage box on the truck. Balance your risks versus the costs for insurance to determine your best options.

One Way Rental Fees

The best truck services for a long distance trip are one way rentals. This means that you only have to drive the truck to your destination and a local branch of the company is available to drop the truck off at. This type of service can dramatically cut down on the cost of the truck and help save a lot of time. When determining the best one way rental fees, there are multiple considerations.

  • Gas Prices: Gas is often charged at the end of the trip. Look for packages that include some gas credits so you do not have to pay for the full load.
  • Mileage Fees: Along with gas, some rentals will tack on prices for mileage. When knowing your destination you can accurately calculate all your mileage costs so that there are no surprise fees.

Rental Times

There are many factors that can help make the truck rental go as smooth as possible. Choosing the times when to drive and rent the truck can make a huge difference on the overall drive and cost.

  • Weekday Rentals: Renting a truck during a week can help you avoid mid-day traffic and premium weekend charges. Trucks are more in-demand on the weekends and rates will be cheaper on Mondays through Fridays.
  • Traffic: By using free services and apps, you can determine the best times to drive. This will help reduce your long distance travel times and avoid slow traffic areas like construction.
  • Overnight Driving: If possible, you can avoid as much traffic as possible by making the trip overnight. This can often help you avoid delays like weigh stations and get through toll booths a lot quicker.


Take advantage of special discounts to help save additional money with your truck rental. Even if you don’t apply for these discounts, a friend or family member can help you obtain them if they are part of the long distance move.

  • College Student Discounts: Truck companies know that college students are often making big moves and they offer discounts to assist along the way.
  • Military Discounts: Year-round military discounts are available for both active-duty and veterans from branches like the Marines, Air Force, and Army.
  • Loyal Customer Discounts: If you’ve used a moving company before, check in with them again to see if there are any discounts for repeat customers.

Packing the Truck

Driving the truck is easy compared to the work it takes to load and unload all your goods. Packing tips can help make the process as easy as possible.

  • Packing Tools: See what types of tools and accessories the moving company has available to help with packing. This includes a wheeled dolly to easily roll heavy items to the truck.
  • Packing Order: Anytime you load a truck, the best method is to go from the heaviest items to the lightest items. This will help secure the larger items in the back of the truck and will keep things as organized as possible.

Truck rental companies have experience with all types of moves. It’s a good idea to ask about any extra tips that they have for long distance moves. Check out sites like for more information.

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