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5 Ways To Increase Business For Your Taxi Service

Having an edge over the next taxi company can help you attract more customers and keep your current customers. Amenities that make business transactions easier for you and your customers, and making your customers feel their time and money is valuable are among several ways you can improve business.

Install Credit Card Readers

In many cases, your customers may not have planned to call a taxi and they do not have the time to get cash back from a store or go to the ATM. Having credit card readers in each of your vehicles can prevent losing customers who may not have alternate ways to pay, or customers who choose another company because they offer multiple payment options. Additionally, a credit card reader can open the opportunity to use various online payment systems as another payment option.


You want to minimize instances where your drivers become lost, which can be more than a minor inconvenience. Depending on the situation, the extra time can cause your customers to miss an appointment or flight. GPS has benefits beyond providing directions. Customers will appreciate the extra effort by your drivers to find shorter routes and prevent an unnecessary increase in fare, or to avoid long waits due to traffic congestion.

Offer Appointments

You may have several customers who routinely need a taxi for medical appointments or frequent travel. Offering pre-arranged taxi service is another way to secure additional business. When offering the option to pre-arrange taxi service you need to ensure that your drivers are diligent about honoring appointments. If customers can make arrangements online, immediately call the customer to confirm their appointment.

Furthermore, no matter the method your customer used to make arrangements, call them the day before their scheduled pickup and confirm their appointment again. When possible, on the scheduled day, tell your customer when the taxi driver is on the way to pick them up. This consistent reassurance can ease anxiety for customers who need to make it to their destination on time, or had a negative experience with other companies in the past.

Have Multiple Vehicle Types

Your company needs to be ready for unique situations by having several types of vehicles available. When a customer calls for a taxi, you should ask them if they have any special requirements so you can choose the vehicle that is most appropriate for their needs. Some situations that may require a larger vehicle than your typical four-door sedan can include a customer with several bags of groceries or a large furniture item. Your customer may not remember to ask for special accommodations or may believe their items will fit inside the trunk.

Visit Airports And Bus Stations

Every day you should have drivers that can spend several hours at local airports, bus and train stations. This is the easiest way to find new customers. Many people who travel do not make special arrangements to have a taxi waiting for them at the airport or station, and will take the first taxi they see. If the customer is unfamiliar with the area, be sure to have your driver give them a business card. Even if they are only visiting the area once, they will likely need a taxi on their way back to the airport or station, and this is the opportunity for additional business.

Your business should have several features that other taxi companies may lack, and seize every opportunity to prove your company as accessible and reliable to customers. Once you establish yourself as the go-to taxi service, you will easily retain customers who are likely to share their positive experience with other people and help attract future customers. You can learn more about what taxi services can offer by clicking here.

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